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Reading more books is a way of enhancing creativity among children, according to a recent survey. The poll indicated that over 55% of parents expect their children to have a career in the creative sector. 

Today’s children are more creative than their parents were 

According to the survey, 70% of parents feel that their children’s creativity is greater than theirs at that age. The secret, as per most parents, is reading more books. Parents (50%) say they buy their children a new book monthly. 

Surprisingly, men (54%) like buying books for their kids a few times per month more than women (44%). As a result, an average child will have 26 books, with around 21 being their preferred books. Interestingly, only 6% of the average child’s book collection comprises the necessary reading material for school. 

Also, 62% of children have a bookshelf, with almost half (48%) having it full. Parents (76%) say they will buy their children more books to add to their shelves. 

Besides wanting their kids to read more, parents like showing children their favorite books (58%) than other things like TV programs (50%), favorite toys (47%), and experiences or places (44%). Generation Z parents (76%) of those who enjoy showing kids their favorite books more than any other category. 

Adventure, mystery, and fiction are among the top books children love 

Reading is something both children and parents enjoy. Approximately 65% of parents enjoy reading and feel their children also enjoy it. On average, parents and their kids read for around five hours a week. The favorite genre that children like reading are adventure books (32%), fiction (27%), mystery stories (27%), and fantasy (27%). 

Interestingly you can teach your child creativity using any genre. Although most parents believe their kids are creative, they are always looking for more ways of enhancing their creativity. Among the ways, children show their artistic talents is by drawing (37%) and writing (32%).

Educators and parents should consider the different ways of fostering their kids’ reading ability. For example, reading children their favorite stories and telling them to draw them or act can enhance creativity.