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You could cut your consumption by using a small glass if you have a drinking problem. According to UK researchers, individuals who regularly take wine at home drank less if they changed their wine glasses or bought smaller wine bottles. 

Interestingly researchers indicated that individuals that changed their wine glass to a smaller one drank 5.6% less wine every. On the other hand, buying half-size wine bottles of 375ml rather than the usual 750ml also reduced drinking in people by 3.6%. 

Reducing the size of a wine glass can lead to consuming less alcohol 

The survey recruited 260 UK households that consumed at least two bottles of wine per week. During the two weeks, the subjects bought a certain quantity of wine, and then the researchers gave them larger 350 ml and smaller 290 ml glasses to use. 

The team could determine how much each household drank by taking pictures of the wine they had bought and measured the bottles on calibrated scales.

Although the 750 ml bottle is the standard capacity for wine, in recent times, there has been an increase in the 375ml bottles in most countries, including the UK. Smaller wine bottles could reduce the rate and amount of wine consumption but might be too small occasionally. As a result, that may necessitate drinking more bottles per occasion which in the end may increase alcohol consumption because of removing barriers to consumption. 

People across Europe drink more at home than in pubs and bars.

According to researchers, wine is the most widely consumed alcoholic drink in Europe. But, instead of doing it in pubs, bars, or restaurants, the general public prefers to consume it in their homes. According to earlier research, larger glasses help wineries sell more products. Additionally, during the past few years, the typical drinking glass has grown significantly.

According to the study authors, the findings might result in a market correction that will help people drink less. As a result, this will reset what the public terms an acceptable win glass.