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When you consider personal luxury planes, travelers that incorporate eminence and famous people typically come into view. However, flying around in your plane isn't just for the common, even though it unquestionably makes a difference.

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Personal luxury planes aren't hard to recruit, and there is even an organization that has, as of late, dispatched what could be considered a Uber administration for jets. The JetSmarter application allows you to book a personal luxury plane right away. For those who'd prefer not to fly with the majority, here are a few choices.

It is very easy to hire a private jet. You can arrange a jet practically anywhere in the world. The process appears simple enough. You phone up and give the company your details; they go out to the market to source the most suitable jet that fits your requirements.

Hiring a private jet is undoubtedly one of the best ways to fly and includes a barrage of advantages, flexibility being just one of them. You choose when you want to fly and what airport you want to fly to and from. You can depart from a private jet terminal, which is away from the main terminal, meaning you only have to turn up 15 minutes before your flight.”

An added advantage is that private flights include VVIP catering, which can be tailored to suit the passenger. On larger aircraft, a dedicated flight attendant will look after your every need.

In the Middle East, the most popular destinations are from Riyadh and Dubai to Nice, Paris, and London.

Getting away to your pied-à-terre in London, then, would be in the region of $70,000 (Dh257,085) one way on a Challenger 605 for eight passengers. “As you hire the entire aircraft, you can take up to 12 people.” An Emirates first-class fare on the same route would cost about Dh21,000, or Dh3,000 in the economy.

A shorter trip, such as London to Paris on a Citation Mustang for four passengers, would be in the region of $7,000 for a one-way trip. Cabin crew and Michelin-starred food, however, cost extra.

Apart from finding the money to purchase the jet — although finance is often available — another concern might be where to keep the jet. However, that is also something that can be easily negotiated. The UAE is now a truly global aviation hub and offers a range of attractive options for business jet owners; these include not only Dubai International and Dubai World Central, of course, but also Sharjah International and Al Bateen in Abu Dhabi.

So exactly how much change do you need to dip behind the sofa cushions for? Depending on the model and on the exotic nature of your tastes, business jets can cost anything from $4.5 million to $70 million or more.

If you're planning a trip to the Emirates, there's no better time to get that five-star experience than right now.

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