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Air ambulance services is a term used to describe the use of air transportation by any conveyance that can contain sustained flight like aeroplane or helicopter to move patients to and from the accident scene and Healthcare facilities.

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An air ambulance is a specially fitted conveyance helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft that transports sick or injured people over terrains or distances that can not be done by ground ambulances—international air ambulance dates to World War I. Where air transport was means used to provide medical evacuation on the battlefield, in 1917, the first recorded air ambulance transportation took place in Turkey where an ankle shot soldier was flown to a hospital in de-Havilland DH9 in 45 minutes to a distance that would take approximately four days with a road ambulance.

Now, it is used for civilian emergency medical services to bring specialists to accident scenes and also to transport patients to hospitals with the use of helicopters for a short distance. At the same time, fixed-wing aircraft are hs d for long-distance transport. This operation is known as aeromedical

Standard Medical equipment in air ambulance

– medications

– ventilators

– ECGs and monitoring units

– CPR equipment

– stretcher

– cardiac monitor

– respirator

– defibrillator

– pulse oximeters

– intubation equipment

Medical Air Transport Companies

• Aerocare Air Ambulance Service Inc. — Chicago, IL

• Aero-Dienst GMBH & CO. LG — Nuremberg, Germany

• Aeromedevacy — El Cajon, CA

• Air Ambulance 1 –Houston, TX

• Air Ambulance America — Miami, FL

• Air EMS, Inc. — Tulsa, OK

• Air one Ambulance — Monterrey, Mexico

• Air Rescuers World Wide Pvt.Ltd — Mumbai, India

• AIRCARE1 International — Albuquerque, NM

• Alia Medflight — Scottsdale, AZ

Medical Air Transport Cost

It is blatant that medical air transport companies have been hastening emergency patients’ movement to level I or II trauma centers in a specialist hospital within 60 minutes and, in the process saving countless lives. It will be more traumatic to wake up to a huge bill; the patient was unconscious of negotiating, mostly when health coverage providers won’t cover them. Most insurers either cover only a reasonable part of the medical air transport cost if the patient requires emergent transportation that not be accomplished on the road but would ignore payments that involve inter-country transportation, viz—an international air ambulance. At the same time, the remainder bills fall on the patient whose financial capacity has been mocked.

Factors that the cost of medical air transport includes;

• The severity of the medical condition

• Number of the crew onboard

• Round-the-check availabilities of specialized personnel

• Medical evacuation cost back from one country to another country

Benefits Of Air Ambulance Services

Air ambulance services are an excellent revolution in medical science with several benefits that all sums up saving a life.

Especially for those with chronic diseases. A few of those benefits include services in the remote areas

• Save more life

• Transportation of medical equipment

• Saves time which, is essential in medical situations that are considered to be an emergency.

• Helps in organ transportation

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