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It seems people love taking pictures of their pets more than they do of their spouses or kids. A new poll shows that a third of pet owners have more photos of their pets on their phones than children or kids. 

People like taking photos of their pets

The study found that the average person will take 400 photos of their furry friends each year. However, of the 2,000 cat and dog owners surveyed, 27% stated that they had more photos of their children than their cat or dog. 

The study revealed how devoted pet parents are, with over a third saying they treat their furry friends like royalty. One-fourth of those surveyed have thrown a party only for their pets to show them how much they care, whereas the same proportion let their pets kiss them.

Furthermore, one in six people even got a tattoo featuring their pet companion to remain close to them. Three-quarters of pet owners have even brought their animals on vacation (79%), and half of the pet owners (52%) feel incomplete whenever they are away from their animals.

Commissioned by the Maytag brand and conducted by OnePoll, the study found that pets frequently accompany their parents, including when they cook (38%), exercise (35%), or get ready for bed (37%).

Pet owners consider their pets when making life choices 

Pet parents concur that they are so connected to their animals that they consider how they would respond whenever making choices about their lives, such as whether to move (27%), buy furniture (33%), or purchase a house with a garden (32%). An additional 45% of participants said they sleep on the same bed as their pets.

Most pet owners (59%) concur that while they enjoy having their pets at home, their fur sheds and becomes an issue. On average, 57% of pet owners spend around 4 hours per week cleaning their pet. In addition, around 85% of pet owners vacuum their furniture or floors at least two times per week to get rid of the pet’s hair.