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Most parents are growing concerned that their children playing video games can encourage violent conduct in real life, but they are unaware of bad behavior while playing. Researchers from the University of Eastern Finland have recently discovered the causes of what they call “gamer fury” in kids. 

Video games can trigger violent behavior in kids. 

Kids can enjoy video games, but others struggle with failure or error. In addition, children’s angry outbursts raise questions about the consequences of video gaming in the public spotlight. The study evaluated the topic from the viewpoint of a child looking at things that make them lose control. Children know these factors.

According to research, children’s dissatisfaction with their performances is among the causes of gamer rage. Recurring or last-minute play loss, or a loss to a novice, provoked frustration and wrath in participants, according to to study co-author Juho Kahila. Kahila and associates reviewed essays written by 31 children about their emotional experiences while interviewing 20 video gamers.

Children know what makes them angry. 

The study found that activities of other players, like cheating, were among the causes of rage. In addition, other anger-inducing factors were technical issues, such as a slow internet connection and distractions from outside the game (having to do tasks like schoolwork or housework, for instance).

Particularly, some video games were seen to be rage-inspiring. According to Kahila, games that required competing against actual people or being embarrassed by another gamer were risk factors for temper tantrums. These emotions can also be triggered by sensitivity within the playing group, such as inflammatory comments or harassment by other gamers, in addition to the noisy gaming surroundings.

In the articles the kids wrote, player wrath frequently manifested as verbal and physical outbursts, leaving the game altogether. Children were shouting and swearing throughout their breakdowns, but they were also kicking and throwing objects or gaming controllers, among other things.