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The discovery of the Covid-19 vaccine might inspire great hope among most Americans, but the pandemic’s lasting effects are inevitable. In other words, many credit cardholders will endure troubling times financially. Analysts say that many cardholders will be reaching out to their card issuers to get financial assistance.

Cardholders to benefit from the program

Credit unions, banks, and other issuers remain committed to their credit card hardship programs. Therefore, the cardholders have a leeway to benefit from the programs in question and other assistance forms. The development of such programs targets ensuring that cardholders access relief on a case-by-case basis. The cardholders also should request help to take advantage of the program. Getting assistance requires that the cardholder establishes contact with the issuer and discusses the kind of help that he/she needs.

The leading issuers work rather elaborately, dedicating several web pages that effectively explain the COVID-19 financial-hardship options that they offer. The cardholder in need of assistance must use the phone number found on the card’s back to contact the issuer. The other way would be to undertake an online correspondence via secure message or chat. He is some forms of relief the cardholders get to enjoy in 2021:

  • A waiver of penalty interest rates or fees
  • Allowing skipped, delayed, and deferred payments
  • Extension of the period for some particular benefits


Analysts say that none of the cardholders is guaranteed a free ride this year, outlining that they need to understand the downsides to the whole thing. Participating in the issuer’s relief program pulls along with its setbacks, and that is something the cardholders must know before making any move.

They might be risking some reduced credit limits. Secondly, it might be a great challenge to obtain a card from the issuer in the future. Thirdly, there is a risk of damaging credit card scores.

Cardholders can need to check out the forms of assistance that the major credit card issuers are willing to give out this year. Cardholders must find the most comprehensive list that outlines all the changes made in the various credit cards.