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A new study has established that donations and charitable acts from wealthy individuals don’t usually help remedy social inequalities. The study by the University of Bath researchers found that the philanthropist is the one who benefits most from charity, which prolongs problems rather than reversing them.

Charity gives rich people more influence and power

Similarly, the study suggested that philanthropist actions often offer the rich more influence and power over society and politics. The Bath researchers worked together with Newcastle University Business School scientists on the study. The study also concludes that philanthropy by wealthy individuals has considerably failed to help poor developing world countries.

Bath School of Management Professor Mairi Maclean said that this is a tricky area for most people to come to terms with. Some consider philanthropy as a good thing, but this can only be true if it is altruistic. Maclean said that they have, however, identified that elite philanthropy could be perpetuating inequality. This is by increasing the rich’s power and influence, favoring elite causes, and increasing inequalities tolerance by ordinary people.

Most of the donations are for recognition, and in the end, they benefit the superrich than anyone else. The researchers indicated that when donating, the public showers the elite philanthropists with distinctions and honor.  They also receive favorable coverage from the media. Most importantly, wealthy philanthropists usually donate to institutions and elite causes, which play a role in worsening inequalities.

Philanthropists donate for recognition s

By focusing on institutions is a great way of getting a plaque for the office or getting one’s name by the building side. The stud established that this is not going to reduce social inequalities. The researchers pointed out that a section of the superrich individuals has donated a considerable portion of their fortunes to charity, but such cases are not many.

Newcastle University Business School’s Charles Harvey says that most of the funding remains in developed countries. He added that one of the foundations that have embraced international development is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.