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Some parents care about the cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development of their children. These are parents who are ready to ditch the schedule to find time to ensure that their children enjoy play targeted at helping them exercise.

However, the statement unveiled today by the American Heart Association (AHA) doesn’t inspire great hope. This report shows that American children are not quite healthy.

Sources show about 60% of the children showcasing an unhealthy cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF), which happens to be a great measure for fitness and general health.

A close outlook

The latest finding is a major cause for alarm, considering that the situation affecting one during childhood could be carried on into adulthood. On top of that, a poor state of health among children in most cases ends up adversely impacting their school performance. Asides from that, a good number ends up struggling with depression and anxiety in the long run. Reports also show that the depression and anxiety experienced during childhood has an impact in adulthood.

Why the shift?

Changes in lifestyle have been blamed over the current situation. Childhood today is not what it used to be many years ago, where children burned off a lot of physical energy during intense play and activity.

Scientists recommend cardiorespiratory fitness as one of the best ways to ensure the heea5s of children function properly and remain healthy. They also link it to good health, something to be carried on to adulthood.

Geetha Raghuveer, a cardiologist working at Children’s Mercy Hospital, is pushing for change! This expert wants children to engage in exercising activities on a regular basis! The rule of thumb, according to Raghuveer, is to have them play the sports they enjoy the most.

Pushing for cardiorespiratory fitness testing

The authors believe in the great need to conduct regular cardiorespiratory fitness testing exercises regularly. According to them, such a move would work towards the improvement of children’s health.

Currently, most of the testing exercises are conducted in cases of some particular health conditions. Every child needs to benefit, and that is why CRF testing should be encouraged.