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OnePoll conducted a survey on behalf of St. Pierre Bakery that found that the saying that the way through a man’s heart is through his stomach applies to both genders. About 75% of men and 70% of women believed this.

The poll of 3000 Americans found that food improved the mood of 50% of the respondents. Another 48% said their best memories involved food. About 2 in 5 described themselves as foodies, while 43% were feeders.

Researchers asked the respondents why they like to feed others. About 43% said they wanted to share the food they make. Another 44% had a paternal or maternal instinct, while 61% felt happy feeding others.

Americans were impressed by other’s skills in the kitchen

The poll found that people were impressed by those who could avoid stress in the kitchen, cook without a recipe and cook from scratch. Another 3 in 10 were impressed by people who knew the best restaurants. Others were happy if their loved ones always had food for their guests.

About 30% of the participants liked to impress people with their food. They would do this by passionately discussing food (23%) and creating a complete meal from leftovers (27%).

Approximately 38% of the participants liked to bring people together with food. Another 2 in 5 had food traditions from their families.

About 35% stated that food was an essential part of family parties. Another 33% said that food was part of their families’ dynamics. Moreover, the average respondent would have about four food-related conversations each day.

Americans would visit other countries for the food

Some of the respondents had received (35%) or given (39%) food-themed gifts nearly 25% would discuss their food-related interest on social media, while 27% would visit other countries just for the food. The countries respondents liked to see were France, Mexico, and Italy.

According to St. Pierre Bakery’s founder, Paul Baker, this study illustrates food’s role in improving relationships, moods, and memories. Baker adds that food often correlates with nostalgia.

The respondents gave things that they revered most in their food-related memories. These included preparing the food with their families (43%), the smell of the food (52%), and the taste (58%).