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OnePoll conducted a survey commissioned by Ritual Zero Proof that found that 3 in 5 of the residents worry about attending family events on holidays. The study of 2000 Americans above 21 years old who attend gatherings during the holidays found that 63% had a relative who always overindulged during parties. Another 58% stated that the whole family drank too much.

Family events were often uncomfortable 

About 33% of the respondents stated that an uncle was most likely to be the most inappropriate. Moreover, 54% said that someone always apologized after the gathering.

When asked about the most uncomfortable topics to have at a gathering, the participants mentioned personal drama (41%) and gossip (42%). The family members who usually broached uncomfortable subjects were their mothers (31%) and fathers (30%).

Respondents also talked about the most inappropriate things that happened at gatherings. These included getting drunk (38%), yelling (39%), and leaving the party early (43%). Vomiting was also not uncommon.

Most participants admitted that they drank more at gatherings than at other events. The reason 48% drink so much was because of the uncomfortable conversations. However, 2 in 3 stated that there was also always a co-worker that would drink too much at a holiday office party.

Americans often got drunk at office parties

About 62% of the participants would have too much to drink at office parties as the alcohol was free. Another 69% believed that there was always good much alcohol at parties.

Approximately 46% would attend office parties to see their colleagues’ hidden side. In addition, 3 in 4 thought they only got to know their co-workers’ true natures at these parties.

According to the co-founder of Ritual Zero Proof, Marcus Sakey, alcohol can lower people’s inhibitions which is bad for their well-being. Therefore, more people want to benefit from drinking without overindulging. Drinking can clear your head, help you sleep better, and raise your energy levels.

About 62% of the respondents admitted that going to the office after a party could be embarrassing. Another 64% stated that their opinion of a co-worker changed after a party. Others thought they would lose their jobs after a party (56%). For this reason, 47% wanted to cut back on their drinking.