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Recent research conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Signature Kitchen Suite revealed that at least six out of ten individuals regard themselves as professional home chefs. The study revealed that several Americans presume that they can compete with distinguished chefs such as Gordon Ramsey and others.

The study authors revealed that 63% of the respondents involved in the research boasted that they would emerge victorious if they received a chance to compete with sure celebrity chefs.

Several respondents reiterated that cooking is among their favourite hobbies, while 62% believe their cooking talent is worth a cooking show on popular television channels. A few respondents admitted that they possess the essentials to start catering businesses due to their skills.

Americans think they could perform well in cooking shows

The study targeted 2,000 respondents and enquired about the essentials one requires while executing their talent. Each respondent detailed the pros and cons of preparing certain meals, including being aware of the quantity of each ingredient. A few cons included delivering complicated meals to prepare and yielding a certain exhaustion level.

Three in ten of the respondents revealed that they would do well in a cooking show, although some cited that they would only stay until the mid-season before they got eliminated. However, a few respondents admitted that they would only last a few minutes before being eliminated in the first episode. Some boldly declared that their confidence level would get them a seat in the winner’s circle. Their confidence also led them to believe they could beat prominent chefs.

How the respondents advanced their cooking skills during the pandemic  

The respondents admitted that the Pandemic gave them a chance to sharpen a few of their cooking skills; thus, most of them reignited their passion for cooking. These changes emanated from the confidence in learning complex recipes or as an activity to pass the time.

Nick Ritchie, the executive chef from Signature Kitchen Suite, reiterated a growing demand for home chefs who only require technology to advance their cooking talents. He also revealed that the chefs from this generation have a lot of cooking equipment hence achieving the perfect flexibility in the kitchen.