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A recent study conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Loop Earplugs revealed that most Americans grew more noise sensitive due to the Pandemic. The study revealed that many Americans utilise efficient earplugs that assist them to go to sleep during the night.

 How loud noise affected most Americans

The study authors focused on an average of 2,003 Respondents and enquired about the state of their hearing before March 3rd, the World Hearing day. The study’s findings revealed that after the pandemic, at least four in every ten Respondents grew sensitive to booming music and noisy conversations. The majority of the Respondents admitted that these disturbances could yield a painful effect, including headaches due to the loud noises.

52% of the Respondents divulged that they suffered headaches due to loud noises and conversations at least six times each week. Some of the Respondents were comfortable with the notion of listening to music while carrying out certain chores, whereas 54% divulged that they did not like the other members’ options.

A list of what some of the Respondents considered to be uncomfortable sounds

During the conduction of the study, several Respondents disclosed their version of terrifying sounds; these sounds could emanate from various sources, but the study mainly focused on those produced by the ones residing with the Respondents. The Respondents revealed that noisy activities that irritate them include chewing loudly and making loud phone calls.

A few of the Respondents felt guilty that the loud activities of people they lived with forced them to put on headphones for a minimum of four hours each week. Other Respondents admitted that they do not play any music while they put on the headphones and that it is a method of blocking out the surrounding noise.

Six in ten of the Respondents revealed that they wear earplugs to distract them from the surrounding noises; however, there are moments in which they can hear activities from the outside world penetrating. The authors advise that a person should purchase earplugs that are purposely designed to block out any surrounding sounds and do not exclude you from your surroundings.