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OnePoll conducted a study for The Vitamin Shoppe for plnt that looked into the health habits of Americans. The poll of 2000 Americans found that 50% planned to begin new diets the next day even though they didn’t.

Americans felt overwhelmed by new diets

The researchers also examined why 57% of the respondents procrastinated their diets. They concluded that it was due to the unlimited number of options for dieting. About 72% have tried new diets. However, among this number, 76% felt overwhelmed with the number of options they had.

As a result of the confusion, the average participant admitted to trying nine diets. Fortunately for some of them, they didn’t have to keep trying, as 73% claimed to have found the optimal diet for their bodies. Another 73% said their new diet was good for emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing.

The researchers also delved into the reasons Americans started their diets. About 51% of the respondents stated that they wanted to lose weight. Other reasons included increasing their energy levels (36%), making lifestyle changes (37%), improving their moods (42%), and health concerns (50%).

When asked about their current diet plans, about 33% said they didn’t have a specific one. Some respondents had a plant-based diet (15%), while others were vegetarians (24%). A large portion was on a plant-based diet or thinking of it. They gave several reasons for this, including weight management (41%) and health concerns (45%).

Americans are curious about plant-based diets

About 46% want to try a plant-based diet. However, they weren’t sure where to begin. Another 42% said they hadn’t tried the diet because many of their cravings could not be included in the diet.

According to the marketing and chief merchandising officer at The Vitamin Shoppe, Muriel Gonzalez, the company hopes to assist people wanting to begin a plant-based diet. It could do this by giving resources, credible information, and quality products.

The Vitamins Shoppe offers supplements and plant-based products whose ingredients are services from nature.

Gonzalez acknowledges that people have worried about the diet. For this reason, he encourages them to research its benefits.