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The pandemic that the Globe faces has changed the very fabric of culture that we have had, and inclusive of that is our relationships’ dynamic.

The pandemic that has consumed the world today has altered and warped our very culture and social fabric as human beings. We just aren’t used to social distancing entirely; it’s not how we are wired. Considering that humans have evolved to be social to serve their interests of protection and survival better and improve the quality of life.

It doesn’t take rocket science to understand that individuals who enjoy valuable relationships in their lives live a higher quality of life. Take this as an example that a study conducted at Brigham Young University found out that being lonely has the same effect on one’s health as heavy smoking, alcoholism, and a sedentary way of life. Compare this with a boost on longevity on life of 50% for those who had social networks. The psychologist states that relationships can be equated to vitamins so that vitamins are consumed to help us thwart away diseases, so does having relationships help us deal with adversity and life’s hardships that may show up.

Psychologist, Robin Dunbar, resident at Oxford University, states that our friends and family circle of people come in a range of between 70-250 people despite being surrounded by millions of people in our habitat areas. Robin iterates that these close relationships remain stable over time and compartmentalized into a structure of social networks. An individual has a network circle of 154 people, which is linked to how many people the brain can handle.

In these relationships, time spent is valuable and is an indicator of level of importance. Time spent with close ones also activates endorphins in the brain. These endorphins are also activated through touch, hugs, kissing, etc.

The limited-time spent with others and constrained physical contact only slow down the precipitation of attrition on them. Despite the physical limitations, however, the opportunities to constantly interact virtually are still open and should be utilized.