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The COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot of uncertainty, with businesses forced to implement contingency measures to protect their customers and employees. Amid this uncertainty, the business has implemented innovative measures to maintain normal businesses in an abnormal environment.

During times of a crisis, effective leadership plays a key role in determining how the entire team navigates. As a leader, you are the vision bearer and voice for the entire company. Depending on the nature of services offered, businesses have adjusted their operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some businesses were able to retreat and work remotely while others have involved having workers reporting to work in person. Some workers are on the frontline offering essential services. Several features can help a leader lead effectively during times of uncertainty.

Be caring

During uncertain times your team may be plunged in fear of losing jobs or fear for their health and that of their family members. As a leader, you need to show empathy and kindness to help take their mind off their fear. Fear may affect workers’ performance, so it is important to keep your team members with a feeling of relief.

Have an Action Plan

According to expert opinion, many of the crises that come from security breaches can be prevented if good standard safeguarding practices are followed. As a leader, you need to have an action plan that details how you respond and navigate a crisis. The plan should be reliable and dependable to help build your team’s confidence.

Be a good listener

Being a good listener is one of the key virtues a good leader will need to take in and discern multiple issues and, at the same time and come up with dependable solutions. Being an active listener helps you not miss any details that may be crucial to navigating your team through the crisis.

Communicate frequently

During times of uncertainty, communication is very important. There is a free flow false news; hence as a leader, you need to communicate frequently to allow your team have the right information.