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Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the veg box industry was dominated by a few players. The pandemic has seen an increase in online food deliveries, which has led to new businesses coming up.

Fruit and veg intake are highly recommended due to the health benefits associated. Using a veg box helps to support organic farming by reducing the use of single-use plastics.

Fruits and vegetable delivery boxes allow you to have your weekly shopping delivered right at your doorstep. Below are some of the best fruits and vegetable delivery boxes we have sampled.


OddBox is sustainable and ensures that you continuously continue to get your supply of fruits and vegetables. In addition, they are good at carrying all sizes of fruits, big and small. Oddbox, a subscription box company, works with farmers in the U.K and worldwide to gather food meant for the market.

The company works to ensure that any surplus food does not go to waste. In addition, the company is committed to reducing plastic wastes by offering recyclable cardboard box. OddBox donates 10% of the fruits and vegetables to charity.

Lola’s Cupcakes

Lola’s Cupcakes is known for its sweet treats, but the café chain is expanding its portfolio by offering a new vegetable delivery service that is projected to be an instant sell-out.

The company has started offering customizable and pre-determined boxes packed with fruits and vegetables delivered to customer doorsteps within 48 hours.


Farmdrop packs its boxes with produces sources from local farmers for a more sustainable approach to maintaining the supply chain. The packed produce is delivered from farms to homes within hours using electric vans. Farmdrop boxes are customized to meet each family’s and season’s preferences.


Riverford has introduced boxes to make it easy to deliver fruits and vegetables. The company allows customers to prepare their delicious dishes depending on available seasonal food.

The company offers boxes of different sizes and a variety of content with fresh and organic produce. In addition to fruits and veg, the boxes are topped up by additional organic items.

Abel & Cole

Abel & Cole allow consumers to choose their favorite their boxes then get it customized with their preferred produce. In addition, there are several top-ups, like eggs and fish. The company is one of the vegetable box market leaders, and its main aim is to offer organic produce to homes in England. The company offers a wide selection of boxes to choose from, and they come in different selections and sizes.


Eversfield offers fresh and organic vegetable boxes from the family farm and offers grass-fed meat to customers’ homes. The company offers two options, one-time delivery or a regular subscription.

The company’s boxes come in different sizes ranging from small to large and come with a combination of fruits and vegetables.

Northern Harvest

Northern Harvest partners with several local growers in Cheshire and Lancashire to offer fresh seasonal produce delivered at their customer’s doorstep. The business, which is run by a family, has several boxes that come with a combination of fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits.


Farmaround has been delivering organic produce since 1994 and was one of the pioneer box companies on the market. The company is also committed to educating its clients on the health and environmental benefits of organic farming.

Among its delivery is an assortment of fruits and vegetables plus free-range eggs. The company keeps changing its offering, depending on seasons. Farmaround packs its products in recyclable paper sacks that can be tailored to your taste.