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The addiction to both Facebook and twitter is real considering the long periods people spend there. Most of them believe that it is a way to clear their mind off daily work stress. The one thing such persons don’t understand is the associated effects. Some things might pop up one’s feed that could hurt mental health over prolonged periods. The word used to describe this is doomscrolling.

The term has grown in popularity since the outbreak of COVID-19. It tops the list. Doomsurfing is the other word commonly used to refer to the same. The dictionary describes it as continued scrolling or surfing through bad news, despite such news being disheartening, saddening, or depressing.

Reasons why people are doomsurfing

Stressful times weigh down a lot of people globally. In utter desperation, most of them move out of their way to find something that makes them feel better. Asides from that, such people want something that will serve them with the information they require to cope with the difficult times. Uncertainty has become the order of the day around the globe, and most people strive to cope.

A psychoanalyst from New Jersey, BabitaSpinelli, says that there is always a burning desire among people to find out what is going on out there. He raises concern, pointing out that in most cases, information isn’t given in its fullness. According to him, the answers are elusive in most cases, something that ends up plunging people in a situation where they feel helpless, fearful, angry, and frustrated.

Spinellipoints out to doomscrolling as something with the potential to cause symptoms similar to post-traumatic stress disorders when matters go south.

Ways to deal with Doomscaling

  • Read newspapers, newsletters, magazines.
  • Engage in zoom meetings with like-minded persons.
  • Instead of resorting to doomscrolling to obtain information, instead, listen to podcasts.
  • Spending time volunteering in programs cut out to fight racial justice and the arising from public awareness.
  • Showcasing support in the best ways for black artists, spiritual leaders, authors, nutritionists, and chefs.