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Choosing the right attire when stepping out is an important endeavor because your style is the first thing that people will notice about you, thus helping them to create a first impression.

A stylish appearance that is appropriate for a specific occasion be it a formal event, dinner with some friends or a night out may have far reaching implications. To put it to perspective, you are more noticeable to your superiors if you have an impeccable sense of style, and meeting a potential spouse when you are dressed well gives you a leg-up as far as first impressions are concerned.

Selecting the right outfit may not always be a piece of cake for most people especially those that are not as gifted in the style department. Fortunately, there are apps for almost everything including ones that help you decide what to wear. Here are some of the best apparel apps available:

  1. Stylicious

This innovative app allows you to work with what you have. Simply take photos of the clothes and accessories in your wardrobe and load them in the app. The app algorithm will select the clothes that match well, including the accessories and provide a recommendation which you can save for future references.

You can also shop through the app in case you plan to expand your wardrobe. You can access apparel and accessories from your favorite brands through the same app while also checking whether you already have items similar to what you find when shopping. The app is available and free for download on Google Play.

  1. Closet+

This app is designed to be the ideal digital assistant for your style. It features an intuitive interface that allows users to have fun when selecting what to wear. 2. Closet+ has a feature for checking the last time you wore an outfit. Users can also organize their clothes into multiple closets, thus allowing you to sort your clothes out based on different seasons. You can customize themes on the app based on your preference. Closet+ is freely available for download on the App Store.

  1. Pureple Outfit Planner

If you want an impeccable way to organize your clothes, then Pureple Outfit Planner might be the app you need. You can organize clothes based on your preference, such as brand, color or occasion among others. The app will start learning your style and over time will make recommendations. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

  1. Stylebook

Stylebook is a premium style app that is rich with customization features that users can rely on to customize their wardrobe. Users can take photos of their existing clothes to organize their wardrobe or use the inbuilt online shopping feature to purchase their preferred clothing items.

Stylebook goes the extra mile by letting you keep tabs of your clothes. For example, you can track clothing items when they are in the wardrobe, in the dirty clothes bin or even at the dry cleaners. These are just some of the abundant features on the app. However, they are not freely available as the app will set you back $5.49. However, that might be a small price to pay given the utility it offers. Stylebook is available on the App Store.

  1. Dresser

The app lets you decide what to wear based on an animated avatar. You simply take photos of your clothes and the app will swipe them onto the avatar to give you a preview of the look, thus saving you time which would have otherwise been spend trying on clothes until you decide the ideal look. This app is available on iOS at $1.99.