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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveal alarming figures of persons struggling with high blood pressure across the United States. According to the statistics provided, over 500,000 persons have succumbed to this devastating condition. The other discovery is about almost half the population struggling with hypertension.

Studies show the significance of resorting to the plant-based foods in a bid to battle the above-outlined conditions. These plants are said to bear some qualities that make them effective in lowering high blood pressure.

Heart attacks, heart diseases, and strokes are making life unbearable for a great deal of the human population. The Warwick Medical School found in the UK is one of those bodies that have conducted studies in this regard. A recent publication spearheaded the consumption of plant-based foods because they help battle the above-stipulated conditions.

The Study’s top author, known as Joshua Gibbs, gave insights in a bid to help the struggling persons. According to him, the complete eradication of animal products doesn’t guarantee any outstanding reductions the blood pressure levels. This author concluded that a shift to a great diet was what it took to battle blood pressure effectively.

Here are some good products.

High-fiber diet

This diet will help reduce inflammation as well as the toning down of blood pressure. This is also a way to achieve major reductions in cholesterol levels. Some of the good foods in this regard include the whole grains, oats, and legumes.

Vegan diet

As the name suggests, this sort of diet is focused on eliminating animal-based products. That means that one will need to stay away from dairy products and honey.

On the other hand, the whole plant foods are seen as the best way to go by the experts in nutrition and doctors.

Mediterranean Diet

This unique diet takes into account the consumption of vegetables, fruits, legumes, and olive oil. The other products under these categories include fish, nuts, fish, and eggs. However, anyone going for this diet should avoid meat consumption or do it on a limited scale.