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OnePoll conducted a survey on behalf of Axogen to determine how they dealt with pain and how it affected them. The study of 2000 Americans found that 48% thought they would never have a day free of pain. The participants also claimed to have an average of 13 days free of pain annually.

Some Americans have been diagnosed with chronic pain at one point in life.

When asked if they had experience with chronic pain, 37% said they had been diagnosed with chronic pain at some point in their lives. Chronic pain was any pain that went on longer than six months. Another 18% believed they had chronic pain even though they had never received an official diagnosis. About 445 participants wished their doctors would give them other ways to manage their pain besides painkillers.

Some of the participants admitted to feeling six years older because of the pain they experienced. They claimed to experience discomfort about five times a day when sitting or standing up. Other participants said they had had at some point experienced so much pain they had to cancel plans and stay home.

Pain could be caused by damage to a peripheral nerve

According to Karen Zaderej, the CEO, president, and chairman of Axogen, chronic pain often takes a toll on people. Despite the prevalence of chronic pain, the treatment often prescribed does not address the cause and instead looks at the pain itself. These treatments are usually temporary.

Zaderej adds that chronic pain can be caused by injury to a peripheral nerve. If this is the case, surgery to fix the damage may be necessary to offer more permanent relief from their pain.

About 44% of the respondents felt their doctors should tell them more about the pain they experienced. Another 45% wanted them to go beyond prescribing medication when helping them. Because they don’t feel well cared for, about 43% of the respondents wish to research pain management themselves but don’t know how to start.

Ivica Ducic, the medical Director at Axogen and a peripheral nerve specialist, many people with chronic pain don’t even know there could be a solution for them. A patient with pain after a surgical or an injury could have a damaged peripheral nerve.

The researchers encourage patients to ask their physicians about ways to manage chronic pain without medication.