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Researchers have concluded that employees can reduce stress in the office by doing yoga at work. Stress is one of the significant causes of heart disease, which kills about 655,000 people every year in the U.S. Yoga reduces stress than other traditional methods such as massages. The exercises help people achieve mental and physical wellbeing by focusing on breathing, strength and flexibility.

How researchers conducted the study 

The researchers gathered information from 25 clinical trials with approximately 700 healthcare workers. They used the data to find the effects of stretching, progressive muscle relaxation, massage therapy and yoga.

The volunteers in the study were randomly assigned to various exercises while the control group went on as they usually would. Researchers realized that yoga was the best form of exercise for reducing stress and was followed by massage therapy.

According to Dr. Michael Zhang from the Southern Nevada Health District and a lead study author, stress causes various diseases like depression, diabetes and heart diseases. These exercises are helpful when it comes to relieving stress, with yoga being the most effective. Yoga was also easier to access as employees could do it remotely; hence businesses could offer it to their workers easily.

This study could be beneficial amid the pandemic as people try to deal with stress at work. Many people are constantly under pressure because they think they might lose their jobs. Healthcare workers, on the other hand, are strained at work as they try to treat coronavirus patients.

People more likely to undergo stress at work

Researchers add that people who face stress at work are 50% more likely to have coronary heart disease. Factors that lead to stress at work include hazardous work areas, administrative burdens, understaffed offices, emotional demands, being overworked, working in shifts and working long hours. People that are more likely to undergo stress at work include therapists, technicians, doctors and nurses, among others.

Stress at the office leads to poor performance, poor patient outcomes, and low job satisfaction. Employees should try incorporating physical relaxation methods into their routines to help them reduce stress and thus perform better at work.