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Scientists have found that a tyrannosaurus Rex that lived about 68 million years ago had a bone disease that led to severe tooth pain. Tumefactive osteomyelitis, which the dinosaur had, could have come from the marrow of the animal’s left jaw.

The injection gave the dinosaur, Tristan Otto, a bad toothache. The researchers concluded this from the animal’s fossilized remains, making it one of the most well-preserved fossils.

From this study, the researchers have identified an early case of a disease that plagues humans. According to Dr.  Charlie Hamm, a lead study author and a radiologist at Charité University Hospital, Berlin, a scan of the remains showed that the left dentary was thickened. Moreover, there was a mass on the surface of the jaw that reached a tooth.

How researchers conducted the experiments 

The team used dual-energy computed tomography (DECT), which is non-invasive, to reach this conclusion. They found that a lot of fluorine had accumulated on the teeth, and they associated it with brittle bones. Dr. Hamm points out that the fluorine and the mass show that the dinosaur had tumefactive osteomyelitis.

DECT uses X-rays at two distinct energy levels to evaluate disease process and tissue composition. Dr. Hamm used DECT as it could analyze unique remains with no invasion. Despite this, they experienced difficulties analyzing the lower jaw. It was difficult since the bone was dense, thus making imaging harder.

The animal is one of the only T-Rexes scientists have found with a complete set of teeth. Paleontologists found it in Montana in 2010. It weighs about 8 tonnes, is 40 feet long, and is 14 feet wide.

Tristan Otto is the most well-preserved T-Rex fossil

Since scientists found the first T-rex in 1902, there have only been 50 more discoveries. Furthermore, scientists haven’t found any intact remains. Tristan has about 170 bonds from the 300 in its original skeleton. For this reason, it is one of the best specimens that scientists have found.

The T-Rex, which people refer to as the king of dinosaurs, is the biggest animal ever. It has massive jaws chewed with a force of more than six tones. Moreover, the animal could eat others with an armor plate. However, Tristan’s toothache could have posed a problem for it.