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Scientists have been looking into students from Colonia High School, New Jersey, to find out why students there often get brain tumours. Research has shown that more than 100 students have had the same brain tumour in the last thirty years.

Scientists are now trying to find the cause of this phenomenon. They are investigating radioactivity in the school to determine if it might be the problem. The person at the head of the inquiry is the mayor of Woodbridge, John McCormac, who has referred to the situation as disturbing.

Some of the students survived the disease 

While the incidence of brain tumours ended in the 2000s, other health professionals believe that the health risk is still present. Al Lupiano is one of the brain tumour survivors. He is also an environmental scientist and states that he feels connected to the school and the events. Lupiano’s wife, Michelle, also had a brain tumour and is an environmental scientist.

Lupiano and his wife received the same diagnosis 20 years apart. Unfortunately for Lupiano, she wasn’t the only person in his life to develop the tumour. His sister died recently of a tumour. She also went to Colonia High School.

Parties involved in the investigation

Experts are examining the school for contamination to determine the cause of cancer. They have expressed their worries about the situation. Currently, the team is compiling its results. The Department of Health in New Jersey, The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, and the Environmental Protection Agency are participating in the investigation.

As per the NIH, brain tumours develop when aberrant cells replicate in the organ. They could be benign or malignant. Some of its symptoms are seizures and headaches.

The National Tumour Society Reports That The number of Americans with the condition is approximately 700,000, with 88,790 being diagnosed in 2022.

Colonial is one of three high schools in Woodbridge. It was founded in 1967 and had an excellent academic reputation. Although the school is a cancer cluster, there have never been any reported industrial accidents near its vicinity. For this reason, experts wonder if the school has an unknown compound that could be causing the tumours.