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For frequent flyers, Airline’s credit cards offer best benefits that gives you ability to earn miles and access various options for redeeming them. To make the most out of your travel miles, you need to:-

  • Be keen with bonus offers
  • Look for the right credit cards
  • Review reward transfer ratios

Travel miles do not only limit the travelers to free air travels. Especially when the coronavirus has affected mobility to different destinations, your travel credit card can help you get a lot more stuff. Airlines partner with various players to enable customer access a wide range of options for their cards. They include:-

Gifting it out

Every airline has its programs and terms of operation. However, most airlines allow transfer of travel miles to friends and family members. Sometimes we may feel cash trapped when we are celebrating certain key milestones such as graduations, weddings, etc. such moments would be valuable when we gift to friends and families.

Other fashionable experiences

Travel miles can be redeemable for other elite experiences such as having branded drinks or gifts from a celebrity, chats with favorite entertainment idols, or just getting a lifetime experience.

Hotel vacations

Cardholders can redeem miles for vacations and hotel stays across globe. They partner with varying hospitality players to enable customers redeem their air miles for the hotel services.

Fulfill other household needs

Miles can be redeemable to meet other household needs. Although limited in nature, they can still be used for personal developments. Eligibility to this may vary, and you would need to ensure a confirmation for this first. It enables you browse for products across different shelves.


Travel miles can be redeemed for cash rewards directly channeled to your bank account or payable as a cheque.

Charitable donations

Issuers allow cardholders channel their miles to charitable organizations as part of donations.