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One of the main contentious issues that arise from home working is being efficient and productive with a ton of destruction, less communication, and less accountability. There is a growing number of remote employees, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic rages around the world. Although many advocates for home working, other people feel disconnected from their workplace when they work from home. Below are a few tactics that you can employ to remain efficient and productive when working from home.

Keep yourself to regular work hours

When working from home, it is advisable to maintain your regular working schedule. This is because you are likely to give yourself a lot of flexibility from waking up, having breakfast, and attending to your duties. You need to keep consistent hours to keep yourself accountable.

When testing your home schedule, there are factors to considers when you are needed by your boss, responding to communications from your co-workers and customers and time of the day when you are needed most.

You Need a Working Space

The idea of virtual working can work from anywhere – beach, coffee shop, or restaurant. However, even with these, you need a silent place at your home, which you specifically designate as a working space. The working place should be spacious and well-lit. Working from an office or a designated area has been proven to improve concentration and productivity. In addition, you get privacy and create a professional working environment.

Limit distractions

There are several distractions when working from home, including pets, family, friends, and other people we love. With all schools closed, parents are especially finding it hard to telecommute due to the presence of playful children. To limit distractions, you can start by setting and implementing boundaries by sticking to your work schedule.

Plan your workflow

Planning your workflow can help you set priorities and save time. Plan your routine by listing all things to be done and the time needed for each. Planning can help you create more time to rest after work.