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It’s obvious that maintaining an active lifestyle is important for good health, and fitness monitors and trackers have grown in popularity as tools for monitoring activity. However, the question for many is how many steps would it take to shed some weight? That is not such an easy question to answer.

150-300 minutes of exercise weekly can help in weight loss 

According to Amanda Paluch, an assistant professor in the kinesiology department and Institute for Applied Life Sciences at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, experts recommend getting 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-to-intense exercise each week, even though there isn’t much proof of the precise number of steps per day needed to lose weight.   

Paluch says it equates to a median of 22 minutes daily in the lower range and a maximum of 45 minutes. She explained that it is not clear whether one needs high-end for weight maintenance or loss. 

For weight loss results, one needs to engage in moderate to intense exercise, but Paluch says they have yet to figure out how much that is equal to daily steps. However, people should still monitor their tracks. Paluch says that trackers can help in goal setting and tracking. 

Fitness devices help people with chronic health problems to lose weight 

According to a recent assessment of studies reported by Harvard Health, wearing fitness bands assisted persons with chronic health issues who were obese and overweight in their efforts to lose weight. Subjects in the trials under consideration had weekly targets for steps or time walked, or those programs that lasted a minimum of 12 weeks were most effective.The 10,000 steps concept is not new, but demonstrating that it works can be a little challenging. However, a study published in the Obesity journal, getting 10,000 steps daily, with 3,500 of the steps being of moderate intensity, is associated with weight loss in a study that included a carbs-restricted diet. According to another study logging 2,000 steps daily can reduce death by 8% and 11% for 10,000 steps.