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Nobody likes bugs in their home, and most people are always ready to self-destruct whenever they find bugs. According to the latest poll, around 34% of Americans say they contemplated burning their house following bug infestations. This shows how serious the bug problem is. 

Most people are ready to do anything to prevent bugs 

The poll found that 66% of people are ready to do almost anything after an infestation at home. The most significant steps taken include fumigating the house (51%), having glue traps in the home (46%), and using bug spray (43%). 

Bug infestation is among the leading causes of people moving (53%), with around 69% of the people considering that option seeing it through. About 62% of individuals detest having bugs in their homes. 

Instead of having bugs at home, 29% of individuals said they would somewhat have broken appliances, 26% prefer broken windows or creaky floors, and 25% would rather have no TV but stay bug-free. 

Most people (48%) turn to DIY tips whenever they want to manage bug problems. However, the problem, according to respondents (83%), the DIY hacks tend to backfire. Some hacks trap bugs include coffee grounds, maple syrup, and cinnamon. 

An average person spends $177 to create homemade bug control remedies 

On average, someone will spend around$177 to create homemade remedies for bugs. Surprisingly only 54% of the respondents reported successfully dealing with the bugs. 

Usually, bugs get active in the kitchen at night when they destroy food. They don’t spare any food; according to the poll, around 43% of the respondents said they found bugs in food when it was already late. Since bugs are always in food, it is likely that at some stage, one might have eaten some. Therefore, some people would instead not buy fresh foods or have any house plants for fear of attracting insects. 

During the peak bug season, it may be problematic to control the bugs. Therefore it is critical to be ready before an infestation by regularly fumigating your house.