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On Sunday the Palestinian Islamic Jihad fired around 30 rockets to Israel from Gaza causing serious damage. The Israeli military also responded by carrying out airstrikes on the Palestinian militants in Gaza as well as a weapons development and training facility in Syria.

Renewed attacks on Gaza strip

The militant group indicated that two of its fighters had been killed in Damascus and swore to avenge the deaths. According to the health ministry of Gaza, at least four Palestinians were reportedly injured following the strike.

Tension brewed on Sunday morning after Israeli military indicated that two militants had tried to plant a bomb on the fence in the northern border of the Gaza strip. After Israeli forces opened fire one militant belonging to the Islamic Jihad group was killed. The forces sent a front loader and tank to the Gaza strip to pick the body by using a shovel attached to the vehicle. The image of the military scooping the body spread on social media and resulted in an outcry from Hamas who accused the forces of abusing the body. 

Israel’s Defence Minister Naftali Bennett denied the claims that they were abusing the body noting that Hamas was holding bodies of two their soldiers for almost six years. Bennett said he backed the actions of the military saying that it is what needs to be done.

Israeli Iron Dome missile system intercepted rockets

According to IDF 16 of the rockets fired by the militants to Israel were intercepted by the country’s Iron Dome missile defense system. The other rockets reportedly fell in open terrain and didn’t cause any major damage.

However, some Palestinians feel that Hamas has not done enough to avenge. But Hamas has been working with Egyptian arbitrator for a cease-fire at the Gaza strip and thus it has been reluctant in attacking Israel. Nevertheless, Islamic Jihad has continued with attacks on the Gaza strip. In November last year, the Islamic Jihad and Israel engaged in heavy fighting after Israeli forces killed a commander of the militant group.