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Coronavirus has become a subject of great talk around the globe, with many fearing for their lives. Governments around the globe are in trying times because this is a point that they need to prove their legitimacy by protecting their citizens. Iran is one of the countries that have become a hot zone for the deadly coronavirus that has already wiped away many lives.

Omid Rahimi’s speaks about the effects of the virus

The lifestyle of the people in Iran has changed a great deal. One of the people that have spoken about the change that has pulled along with the virus is an English tutor called Omid Rahimi. The virus scares him almost the same way it scares the rest of the population.

Rahimi says that his life has become unbearable, blaming the deadly outbreak. His life has almost come to a halt financially. That is because he can’t continue making money. After all, his students canceled their classes for fear of contracting the deadly virus. That means that he doesn’t make money and wishes to rush back home in Qeshm, where he says he will feel safer with his family.

Rahimi says that the coronavirus eruption has scared many people in the country, and most of them have come to a standstill in terms of decision making.

Citizens cast the blame on the government

The Islamic country is believed to have been telling lies about the outbreak. Citizens have been complaining about corruption, cover-ups, and inefficiencies when it comes to the handling of the virus. Iran is at crossroads considering that even its neighbors have expressed fears, eventually banning flights from and to the country. Anyone wanting to fly from and to Iran will, in the meantime, be compelled to cancel his/her flight for some other time. Cases of death have been escalating lately as conflicting reports continue taking the center-stage.

Iran’s deputy health minister called Iraj Harirchi has been one of the government officials serving as part of the country’s counter-coronavirus taskforce. It has come to the limelight that this official took a video of himself declaring that coronavirus had caught up with him. This is quite ironic more so to the people in the country who have continued to blame the government.