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The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for people worldwide. It has even been harder for youth to adapt to the changes. Children have had to deal with anxiety, unrest, and anxiety. As a result, parents are trying to find ways to help them cope.

While parents can’t stop their children from being sad and anxious about the state of the world, they can foster resilience and help them gain from their experiences.

Tips for building resilience

The best way to ensure resilience in a child is by maintaining a healthy bond with the parent. Past studies have proven that children who have a healthy bond with at least one parent have an easier time with events like divorce, natural disasters and loss. For this reason, children who have such a bond with their parents could have an easier time adjusting to the pandemic.

Parents should also ensure that they create a safe space for their children. Doing this will help them feel comfortable expressing their worries to you. It will also help them learn how to express their emotions and analyse them. By doing this, parents are helping their children understand the changes in their lives and find ways to deal with them.

Parents could also help their children accept the changes in their lives. They should teach them that change is sometimes unavoidable. Moreover, change is a normal part of life. While some things could be avoided, this isn’t always the case, and children should learn when to accept change and adapt.

A parent could also remind their children of the difficult things they have gone through as a family while emphasising how they managed. The pandemic is no different and could be a temporary inconvenience to their lives.

Parents should seek support

While these tips seem simple, they aren’t always easy for parents to implement. Moreover, the pandemic’s stress could make it difficult for even parents to adapt. A parent needs to realise that there is no shame in having a difficult time.

Parents should also seek support from those around them to help their children build resilience. Support could come from friends, families or even teachers.