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Sports can make you happier than when you hear “I love you” from your partner. A new study has discovered that whenever your favorite team wins, the feeling of happiness is likelier to last longer than hearing “I love you” from your spouse.

Your favorite team’s victory makes the feeling of happiness last longer

On average, the feeling of happiness will last for four hours if your partner tells you, “I love you.” However, when your favorite sports team wins, the feeling lasts up to four hours and nine minutes. 

Surprisingly the longest glow will last for close to four hours and 33 minutes whenever individuals are with their loved ones, followed by taking a tip and retuning hoe with a good tan. Completing an exercise makes participants happier for 30 more minutes than consuming junk food.

On the other hand, earning a fantastic deal at a retailer makes people feel content for 3 hours and 39 minutes. This is superior to consuming a chocolate bar, getting compliments, or drinking a chilled alcoholic beverage on a sunny day.

What are the happiest life events among Britons?

Capital One UK commissioned the study to celebrate the launch of Happe Café and asked Britons what activities make them happy. Around a quarter of the people (27%) love spending time with loved ones, with 235 getting a dopamine hit after a walk. The list of what are the happiest moments also includes the birth of a baby (21%), marriage (18%), and the day they met their better half (14%). 

The day people are very happy is Friday. Approximately 59% of people get their feel-good feeling from small things instead of grand gestures. Additionally, around 68% of the individuals usually drag whatever makes them happy for the feeling to last longer. Unfortunately, because of the current financial climate, 39% of respondents have cut back on events that make them happy. Among the top sacrifices, people are making include ordering takeout (42%), vacation (39%), and social activities (37%).