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A study by Harvard Medical School looked into the effects of yoga on weight loss and other health benefits. They found that non-strenuous yoga exercises that take about 30 minutes can induce when done at a minimum for about four years.

Yoga has become a famous form of exercise, with many people attesting to the benefits it provides. People who practice yoga credit it for their physical flexibility and mental health. Despite the many benefits the exercise provides, many still question if it can affect weight loss. In addition, there is limited scientific evidence to support any of the benefits that come with yoga.

People prefer cardio-based weight loss exercises over yoga

People trying to lose weight prefer to do cardio-based exercises as more evidence supports their efficiency. Moreover, gyms and fitness experts display their workout results to show people that aright loss is possible. Yoga instructors, on the other hand, rarely show the impact of the exercise on people. Furthermore, many people are not aware of the studies that support yoga.

How yoga triggers weight loss

Yoga can indirectly influence an individual’s health. It promotes mental health by lowering stress levels which could help people make better food choices. Yoga makes people conscious of the foods they want and how they can affect their bodies.

Experts also suggest that people who practice mindfulness through yoga are more aware of when they are full hence are less likely to overeat. They are also less likely to turn to comfort foods.

In addition, scientists believe that yoga improves sleep. People who practice yoga regularly can sleep more deeply and quickly. Quality sleep can help you lose weight. Yoga Nidra is a form of yoga that improves sleep.

In a different study, researchers from Harvard evaluated how many calories someone can burn with 30 minutes of yoga. The results showed that Hatha, a specialized form of yoga, could burn

164, 148, and 120 for a person weighing 185, 155, and 125, respectively.

Another study showed that doing yoga for 90 minutes twice a week for 12 weeks reduced abdominal circumference for people with abdominal obesity. Moreover, their waist to hip ratio became more proportional while their muscle mass increased.