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Changing the lives of young people

A career in teaching offers a challenging and equally rewarding experience to an individual. It is not every time that you get to make a real impression on someone’s life. Studying education puts you in the frontline of creating change not only in the lives of your students but in society as a whole. Education course equips one with transferrable skills that enables a teacher to shape a child’s life for the better. A teacher can inspire a whole generation to become better.

Working in a pool of talents

A teacher’s nine to five involves working in a class of differently gifted students, and they must help them explore their potential and become resourceful persons in society. A teacher also gets the opportunity to inspire troubled children from diverse backgrounds and put them in the right trajectory. Aside from getting inner satisfaction for inspiring, motivating and shaping students’ lives, another reason you should consider a career in teaching is because it is a globally recognized profession and you get the opportunity to work whichever place you so desire.

Learn important life skills

An education degree equips one with excellent skills that are applicable outside the classroom. These set of skills include incredible oral and written communication skills, tech savviness, research and analytical skills, conflict resolution, and management, among others. Also, interacting with students is more fun than you can imagine.

Those that don’t wish to be in classrooms have multiple other options to contribute to learning. Aside from teaching, a degree in education can land you a career as an education administrator, education psychologist, Community education officer, Education Advice worker, and many others. The best part is that one can jump careers with ease, especially to related fields. Upgrading your studies will help you shift fields and in most cases, earn more.