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Nowadays, people are so caught up hoarding cryptocurrencies that they forget that, at the end of the day, it is a digital coin that is designed to be spent. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were designed to surpass government money and become one of the foremost currencies in today’s world.

There is no denying that Blockchain is an important piece of technology, but cryptocurrencies were supposed to help pay for things without getting the bank involved. Therefore, herein lies the question – can you spend cryptocurrency? If yes, what things can you buy with it?


Today, travel is one of the best bets for spending your Bitcoins. There are several bodies that accept Bitcoins for car rental, hotels, and flight bookings like Expedia. Expedia accepts all these bookings via Coinbase. Some other hosts of merchants that accept payment in Bitcoin are SurfAir, CheapAir and BTCtrip that will offer you a holiday of a lifetime.


Interestingly, the first Bitcoin transaction ever recorded was used to purchase pizza. Today, Pizzaforcoins is an outlet that accepts Bitcoins for delicious pizza. It has been operating since 2013. There are also some local Subway outlets that convert your cryptocurrency into a foot-long Subway special. But, it should be remembered that accepting Bitcoin is not a franchise-wide policy for Subway.

Online shopping

There are some online shopping sites that allow you to shop using your crypto-assets. Overstock is one such site that accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies. You can purchase a wide range of goods like clothes, kitchen appliances, furniture, etc. This site is perfect for home décor materials.

There are also certain other ways to redeem cryptocurrencies for shopping. Gyft and eGifter are apps that trade your Bitcoins for gift cards, which are redeemable at big-box retail stores like Home Depot, Amazon, etc.


Microsoft began accepting Bitcoins for app purchases and online games for its Xbox and Windows online stores back in 2014. But, the volatility of Bitcoin forced the company to stop the acceptance of cryptocurrencies for some time. But now, the company has started it yet again, and while it is yet to accept cryptocurrency on a large scale, this is definitely a heavy support for Bitcoin.


Whether you are trying to come up with clean water solution for Africa or any other charitable ideas, you should know that there are some organizations that accept Bitcoins and other forms of cryptocurrencies. This number is growing every passing day and you can pick your BTC proceeds to various sites like btc4hunger.com, freedom.press, etc.

Online services

Today, you can create an entire website using nothing more than Bitcoins. Certain sites like Namecheap, HostWinds, and HawkHost allow you to grab a domain name and lay out the bone structure of your website. Next, you can go to WordPress and give your finishing touches, all by spending Bitcoins.

You can also jump over a queue on Reddit and launch your project as a premium feature. There are also some dating sites like OKCupid that accepts Bitcoins as payment for membership.

Bottom Line

Slowly and steadily, Bitcoin is gaining acceptance in the commercial sector of the world. Of course, there are still many problems left to deal with like tech challenges, regulations, etc., but this is just a start. But till that day, you can use Bitcoin debit card like SpectroCoin or Uquid that are accepted at any place that accepts Visa.