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There are high chances that you will see street art and graffiti while walking in a busy street. In most cases, renowned artists contribute to the veracious scenes. Over the decades, many scientists have focused on restoring classical artworks that incorporated original paints that were designed to last for several centuries. 

On the other hand, modern street art uses materials that are meant to last for a short period, thus destroying the alluring appearance of original graffiti. Non-toxic substances are being developed to act as cleaning agents and remove the undesirable top graffiti layers within seconds. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the differences between street art and graffiti. 

Street art is easy to read

The majority of street arts are drawn to pass across a particular message which is written. It may be almost impossible to read the content inscribed on graffiti. There is a wide array of graffiti, such as bubble graffiti and throw-up, but the wild style type is regarded as the hardest to read. 

Street artists sign using full names

If you pay close attention to street art, you will notice that street artists sign at the bottom right of the art using their full name, Instagram handle, or other personal identifiers. Graffiti artists sign by specific ink sprays, and this process is known as a throw-up. 

Graffiti artists reject press interviews

Many graffiti artists are usually reluctant to talk with to press since they are aware their drawings are illegal and can be apprehended anytime. Street artists will always accept press interviews since their art is meaningful and not forgetting certified by the local authorities. 

Type of paint used

Most graffiti artists use spray paints for their art because they are easy to use, unlike street artists who will take their time and use quality paint for their art. The majority of street arts are also hand-drawn. The material used to draw graffiti is extremely cheap, unlike materials used for street art which are expensive and durable.