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The outbreak of the coronavirus is wreaking havoc across countries globally, and it is resulting in political misery for some leaders such as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. This comes as the UK government receives criticism on its approach to the outbreak.

The UK sought to manage the outbreak instead of imposing extreme measures

Most countries across Europe have imposed lockdown of cities with mass quarantine, but the UK sought a different strategy of trying to manage the pandemic. The government began by controlling infection rates through gradual increase or relaxation if control measures. The banning of mass gatherings is happening with organizations such as the Football Association taking matters into its own hands to suspend games.

The UK has been far behind in response to the crisis, and it appears people have noticed. So far, the coronavirus outbreak is in advanced stages in Spain, Italy, France, and other countries. However, UK experts are holding that there is a global consensus on what measures will work, but the only difference is how and when to apply them.

There is growing public concern regarding the lack of action from the government fuelling criticism that Johnson’s government is negligent. Following this pressure, the PM has been pushed to organize daily pressers to inform the public on the situation.

Death toll reaches 36 in the UK

So far, the UK has reported 36 deaths, with most of the fatalities being senior citizens above 60 years living with underlying conditions. The number of new cases reported increased by 171, bringing the total of all reported cases in the country to 1,543. The latest numbers include 18 more from Scotland and 30 in Wales.

So far, around 44,000 people have been tested in the country, but people who in self-quarantine with mild symptoms are not being tested. According to a government spokesperson, the relatively low number of infections are down to a thorough contact tracing process for early cases. The government is planning more measures and instructions expected going forward. Those with mild symptoms are advised to stay home for at least a week.