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Since the President of the United States of America has said that 25% of the tariff would be slapped on the Chinese good up to $50 billion, a trade analyst Michael Farr said that the situation looks like there is going to be a trade war.

This wasn’t even Trump’s first move in tackling what he deems to be unfair trade practices. The latest bit of news regarding this came on Monday when it was reported by The Wall Street that Trump is working on reducing the investment by Chinese companies in U.S. technology.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin tweeted out later saying that that the restrictions would not only apply on China, but it would also be applicable “to all the countries that were trying to steal our technology.”

Although these comments seem to take a tough stand, there is uncertainty regarding the trade relations. “On the margin, it’s helpful, but it shows conflicting signals from the administration, so the situation remains unsettling,” said Jim Awad, senior managing director at Hartland & Co in New York.

The losses were spread all around, but the technology industry suffered the most as NASDAQ took a 2.3 percent plunge. The shares of the motorcycle maker Harley Davidson also fell after they declared on Monday that they would be shifting their production from the US. This announcement came as a result of Brussels’ decision to attack Washington’s tariff on aluminum and steel.

The second-quarter earnings report is due next month. The sudden trade concerns will take some time to show just how big the impact is. China’s central bank has cut back $100 billion in the amount that the lenders have to hold. This move has been made to help the economy absorb the hits from the US tariffs.