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A study conducted by American Heart Association revealed that shoveling snow by people with heart conditions can lead to heart attacks or sudden cardiac arrests. 

The study authors highlighted that shoveling snow could be a strenuous activity that can lead to repercussions even for those who don’t know they have heart conditions.

The strenuous activity with the cold weather increases an individual’s blood pressure and creates the perfect storm of unforeseen cardiac arrests. 

The cardiac demands during shoveling snow were high than some exercises 

 One of the leading authors in the study Barry Franklin stated that the cardiac demands associated with shoveling the snow,  such as the increased heart rate and blood pressure. 

Combining both factors leads to higher or equal heart rates from running on the treadmill. 

Various studies reported an increase in an individual’s heart rate following snow shoveling. The studies reported that the heart rates were higher than those recorded after aerobic testing. Franklin added that individuals with high heart rates were those who were unfit. 

Researchers warn groups that could be affected by snow shoveling

Various studies cautioned the danger of snow shoveling with a dome, adding it to the list of acute heart-related events. However, the study authors revealed that several people in the U.S lost their lives over this exercise. 

Other individuals cautioned from shoveling snow include those who underwent gastric bypass operations or coronary angioplasty, among other heart-related operations. 

Study authors and physicians recommend that people in the affected group avoid strenuous situations while working with the snow. They also advise you to take short breaks and be aware of the snow. 

Using equipment to lessen the work might also be dangerous as equipment such as snow blowers can increase one’s blood pressure and heart rate. Therefore, when one is shoveling snow and experiences persistent heart rates or irregular heartbeats, the individual is advised to seek professional medical assistance.  

For individuals who consider themselves healthy, the studies advise using a snowblower as it decreases the tension on the heart. The study authors also advised pushing the snow rather than lifting and throwing it aside.