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A survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Designer Looks only at Value City Furniture gathered 2000 Americans to ask them about their place on the sofas. About  66% of the respondents admitted having an unofficial seating arrangement in their homes.

Americans are passionate about their spots on the sofa

The average respondents said they would argue about twice a month with a family member because of their place on the couch, with 68% saying they are passionate about their space.

About 55% of the participants wouldn’t feel comfortable sitting anywhere else. Another 45% would try to ask a family member politely to move away.

The researchers tried to find out why the respondents felt passionate about their spots. About 63% said they linked some excellent memories to particular areas or pieces of furniture.

Americans redecorated their homes during the pandemic

Despite being attached to their furniture, 56% of the respondents used the pandemic to redecorate their homes, making about three new changes to their homes. The changes cost them approximately $752. Another 3 in 10 has spent up to $1000 redecorating their favorite spots.

The average respondents had made additions like a new T.V (19%), alternative sitting position in their living room (22%), a new sofa (26%), a new bed (27%), new décor or artwork (27%), new lamps or shelving (33%). Of the participants, 3 in 5 found it most exciting to choose a recliner or sofa for the living room.

About 73% of the participants thought their home improvements made people feel comfortable. About 61% made it a priority to achieve comfort when decorating. When buying items to improve the feel of their home, respondents considered things such as appearance (16%), price (19%), and comfort (36%).

About 50% of the participants said they would spend more than initially intended on an item they liked.

Researchers found that the respondents also considered the latest technology when buying furniture. The items they searched for were a built-in charging feature or USB ports (32%), LED lighting (24%), and head or footrest (38%).

Jonathan Schottenstein, the CEO, and president of Designer Looks only at Value City Furniture, states that tech upgrades don’t always have to be expensive. It is not impossible to find aesthetically pleasing pieces of furniture that are high-tech and affordable.