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OnePoll conducted a study for BeachBound that found that Americans plan to do about 11 things on their bucket list before they turn 47. The poll of 2000 Americans also showed that many Americans didn’t concern themselves with age when achieving their goals.

However, many Americans had trouble trying to cross things off their bucket list. For instance, 23% stated that they didn’t have enough time. Another 22% believed money was a big obstacle for them.

Americans planned to cross items off their bucket lists while traveling 

When asked what they would do with $1000 to $5000, many participants stated they would use the money to achieve some of the goals on their lists. Americans showed a lot of devotion to their bucket lists, with about 64% caring more about them than New Year resolutions.

About 3 in 10 of their respondents tried to cross off things from their lists during trips. Moreover, many of them had added traveling to particular areas to their bucket list. Luckily for them, 77% were more likely to be more adventurous on their trips. These included hiking (34%) and swimming (34%).

Other physical activities that respondents wanted to try on their vacation were snorkeling (26%), ziplining (33%), and surfing (30%). Other respondents wanted to try exploring new cultures (48%), new activities (49%), and new foods (49%). However, most of them preferred to spend their vacations relaxing (51%).

Americans liked to relax and do physical activities on vacations

About 36% of respondents preferred to have a vacation with both activists and relaxation. Despite this, most of them put more focus on relaxing. The relaxing activities they tried included massages by the beach (45%) and spa treatments (49%).

The participants preferred to spend their vacation with people they were most comfortable with. These included siblings (35%), children (38%), and romantic partners (44%).

According to the General Manager and Executive Vice President of BeachBound, Michael Lowery, people’s bucket lists depend on the activities they enjoy. However, what vacationers have in common is the thirst for an adventure they have in new destinations.

Lowery adds that people vacationing near a beach want to balance energy-packed activities and relaxation.