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Most people love pizza because of its accessibility and affordability as well as being versatile and a great meal to have during house parties, game nights, in a bar or lazy Saturday afternoons. However, although most people prefer pizza, there are concerns about whether it can be bad for one’s health. 

The pizza crust is made of refined flour which is unhealthy. 

“Regular pizza” is healthy. However, most pizzas people take are considered junk food since they contain a high amount of refined fat, carbohydrates, and sodium. Most of these come from the pizza crust, which comprises refined flour with no fibre, minerals or vitamins. In addition, refined flour increases visceral abdominal fat putting someone at risk of developing heart disease, type II diabetes, and even breast cancer. 

Also, the cheese used in pizza has saturated fat that can increase the risk of an individual developing heart disease and high cholesterol. In addition, more meat in your pizza can increase saturated fat. Consumption of food rich in saturated fat is addictive, resulting in unhealthy habits. Additionally, high sodium in pizza can be harmful if consumed excessively. 

Pizza can have unhealthy additives like colourings, preservatives, and sugar, just like the majority of processed foods. Because of this, occasionally consuming fast foods or pizza is safe, but doing so frequently can result in weight gain and an increased risk of chronic illnesses. Fortunately, there are now better, healthy choices for pizza fans.

Preparing healthy pizza 

You can prepare a healthy, fresh, and healthy pizza from wholesome ingredients offering nutritional value. Bravadough! can be your healthier option for your pizza crust. Bavadoygh! is a gluten-free yeast-raisedyeast-raised bread dough created by a nurse practitioner.

The non-GMO, gluten-, soy, tree-nut, egg-free bread dough is ideal for individuals looking to switch to organic and healthier pizza crusts. You can use Bravadough! for calzone, stromboli, cinnamon rolls and breadsticks. 

Otamot Organic Essential Sauce is a healthier alternative pizza sauce made from nutritional yeast, vegetables, lemon juice, garlic and salt. You can make healthy pizza with Bravdough! and Otamot Organic Essential Sauce.