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Mental health is a big challenge in society today, and often people turn to therapy or medication to improve their well-being. However, a new study in Australia has demonstrated that staying physically active is equally beneficial for one’s mental health. 

Exercising for 12 weeks can improve mental health 

The University of South Australia researchers indicate that exercise is a more effective mental well-being approach compared to other interventions like therapy or prescription drugs. 

Over the years, mental health has been an issue that has been overlooked, but in recent times it has emerged as an epidemic problem. It is important to note that occasionally someone can get blues, and one may wonder what to do if anxiety or depression impedes their daily life. However, it is worth noting that what works for someone may not work for the other. 

The research group feels exercise should certainly become the main way to manage depression, even though poor psychological health is as complicated as it is challenging to treat. According to the Study, regular exercise was 1.5x times more efficient than psychotherapy or the most popular drugs.

This comprehensive review evaluated 97 reviews, 128,119 subjects, and 1039 trials. Finally, the authors reported that exercise considerably improved symptoms such as distress, anxiety, and depression. 

Exercising for 12 weeks can combat mental health

Most importantly, researchers also suggested that individuals should not exercise long to feel the benefits. According to the Study, exercise interventions that last less than 12 weeks were efficient in lowering can combat mental health symptoms. Interestingly the largest benefit was witnessed in post-partum and pregnant women, individuals with depression, people living with HIV/kidney disease, and healthy people. 

Lead study Researcher Dr. Ben Sign said that although exercise is popular in improving mental health, it is yet to be widely accepted as the first-choice treatment for mental health issues. Singh explained that their review demonstrates that exercise can minimize anxiety and depression symptoms in different setups, with some people witnessing more improvement.