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A new study has revealed that the average person has a watch list of 16 movies and 13 TV shows which average almost 104 hours. The survey of 2,000 Americans revealed that 68% of people had a long movie and TV show watch list that was almost impossible to get through. 

Around 73% of Americans have a movie watch list.

Of the people surveyed, 73% had a list of films and showed that they wanted to watch, but only 53% had completed watching their entire list. Furthermore, around 42% have yet to be able to make it through the watch list, claiming that watching TV is overwhelming (25%), the list is already too long (29%), and the list is getting longer (43%). 

Topping the list of movies in people’s watch list is “Squid Game” (19%), “Breaking Bad” (19%), “The Walking Dead” (21%), “Game of Thrones” (21%), Stranger Things” (24%). 

Millennials (45%) prefer watching true crime movies relative to Gen Zers (26%). Gen Z has a liking for sitcoms (38%), while baby boomers and Gen X have a penchant for full-hour procedurals.

Surprisingly people (58%) need help to keep track of the shows and films they want to watch and thus have to make a watch list. However, around 39% of the respondents have a real written list or phone notes of the movies and shows they want to watch.

Compared to males, who only attempt to recall what they wish to watch in 32% of cases, women are particularly fond of maintaining a detailed list. On the other hand, men prefer making notes on their smartphones 46% of the time.

Most Americans get movie recommendations from family and friends 

Family and friends (31%) are likelier to recommend content to others, while 25% of Americans get movie recommendations from social media and influencers.

The average American has access to at least four different streaming sites. However, 50% say they need help finding a streaming platform where to get a particular movie. Most love watching something on their list, but they flip back and four between streaming platforms before deciding what to watch.