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According to Harvard Business School Researchers, American employers could be open to hiring people that have had a run with the law. Unlike in the past, having a criminal record will no longer be devastating to one’s career. If employers are given “crime and safety insurance,” they are much more inclined to hire people with a record.

More individuals with a criminal record to find employment 

Undoubtedly, it has historically been difficult for those looking for work with a criminal history. For example, in 2008, the unemployment rate for people who had served time in prison or jail was a staggering 27%. That is greater than any period in American history when the whole population was unemployed.

In order to assess various strategies for enhancing overall demand for employees with criminal backgrounds, study authors used a field study. Furthermore, these methods emphasized dealing with the root causes that drive companies to undertake background checks.

Around 1000 businesses received “crime and safety insurance” to alleviate risk concerns and screening based on prior reviews and information on the time since the applicant’s recent criminal offenses. To address liability and productivity issues, the team also presented recruiting managers with factual data regarding the typical performance of employees depending on their backgrounds.

More employers are willing to hire people with a criminal past 

This study used a well-known online labor marketplace that thousands of American companies use to identify and hire people for temporary positions. Usually, companies use this portal to employ a broad range of entry-level jobs in industries, including general labor, hotels, and transport.

According to the research, 39% of companies utilizing the site are open to hiring candidates with criminal records. On the other hand, 45% of companies are willing to use them for positions that don’t directly entail dealing with clients. A further 51% of companies selling low-priced goods were open to hiring people with criminal records. Demand for individuals with a criminal past tends to increase to 68% whenever employers find it hard to fill certain roles.