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Medical volunteer experience is very important if you are to be successful with that medical school application. Most of the medical schools are looking beyond the GPA grades, and they want those applying to be people who have explored the field and have found their ways to get some experience. The medical schools are interested in students who are not only book smart but also those with the passion necessary to become exceptional physicians.

Maximizing your clinical experience can be daunting, especially in an environment where it’s not easy to be noticed as a volunteer. However, here is how you can make the best out of your clinical volunteer experience:

Volunteering in underserved areas

In the US, there is a growing number of people with a lack of access to healthcare and those who are uninsured. As a volunteer, you can choose to offer yourself in the underserved area because there are a lot of opportunities in these areas. You will get the chance to learn various aspects of the medical environment by engaging in different roles. This can be a valuable experience for someone aspiring to become a doctor.

Volunteering in a student-run clinic

Usually, because there is a shortage of physicians in underserved areas, normally, you could find students playing a huge role in these environments. In the US, there are over 110 clinics run by students in 25 states that provide them with the role of running and managing the clinic. Considering the clinics are usually in underserved areas, they present a good opportunity for volunteering and learning about health issues.

Learning about health care systems

Volunteering can be a great way to learn about health care systems because most medical school interviewers will ask if one is conversant with the American healthcare system. This way, one gets to learn about the various roles of the people involved in the healthcare system.

Volunteering in local communities

Volunteering in local communities gives one a chance to interact with patients and the health challenges people in the underserved community face. A pre-med student volunteering in these communities will enhance their skills, knowledge, self-efficacy as well as attitude.