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Walking 10,000 a day to maintain good health seems like a reasonable goal and one that has been heavily recommended for years. However, not everyone has enough time or energy to walk that many steps daily, particularly people in the corporate world who are constantly in the office or stuck in traffic in the morning and evening.

Researchers have proved through studies that the 10,000 steps recommendation is as effective as advertised and has significant benefits. Some of the benefits include a lower risk of diabetes, better mental health, and better cardiac health. However, walking 10,000 steps is equivalent to walking for 2 hours, a feat that only those with active jobs can achieve daily.

Scientists recommend a lower target

Although research has shown that walking 10,000 steps is quite healthy, it also shows that it takes a notably lower number of steps to achieve the same results. Harvard Medical School researchers found that it takes roughly 4,400 steps to lower death risk through diabetes or cardiac disease in women.

The research proved that the higher the number of steps people walk per day, the lower the risk of death. After observing the study findings, researchers concluded that it takes about 7,500 steps per day to lower the risk of death. This lower target is more attainable for most people compared to the previously recommended 10,000 steps.

Scientists found that roughly 150 minutes of moderate physical activity or 75 minutes of intense physical activity in adults weekly is enough to maintain good health. More intense fitness activity significantly improves people’s health.

The research findings also revealed that regular activity, especially related to fitness, can help offset the dangers of sitting down for too long. People who sit down for more than 8 hours per day have a 59% higher risk of death than people who sit down for less than four hours per day. Moderate physical activity for 60 to 70 minutes every day seems to be the magic trick to offset the higher risk of death for those who sit down for too long.