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The quality of your nightly sleep significantly affects your daily performance, which is why professional sports teams seek the guidance of sleep specialists to ensure their top-tier athletes receive adequate rest to perform at their best.

It is not only for athletes because, according to a recent study, but even adults have also reported an hour of sleep debt during springtime due to Daylight Saving. According to CDC, adults need around seven hours of sleep each night, and lack of adequate or irregular sleep can increase the risk of dementia, mood disorders, obesity, and heart disease. Here are tips on how to get good sleep.

Have a schedule

The recommended sleep time is seven hours, and sticking to a bedtime routine is important. Sleep physician Dr. Cheri Mah says that the human body loves regularity, and with a sleep schedule, it will anticipate switching off.

Create a conducive sleep environment

Sleep hygiene is important if you are to get a good sleep. Get comfortable bedding, use blackout masks, and ensure room temperature is around 60-70 Fahrenheit.

Do not worry about how fast you fall asleep

Speed of sleep latency shouldn’t be a measure of your sleep quality. The duration it takes to fall asleep varies from one individual to another. However, the average sleep latency is around 5-20 minutes.

Have wind down routine

Don’t go to bed with a racing mind, which may make sleeping difficult. Have a wind-down routine of 20-30 minutes to help you fall asleep. You can do yoga, exercise, or read a book.

Exercise daily

Exercise is linked to sleep quality, according to research. Therefore, exercise is important in deepening sleep and enhancing quality. However, exercise should be avoided late at night as it might hurt sleep quality.

Address sleep debt

Sleep debt refers to the difference between the amount of sleep required and the sleep you get and can accumulate over time If not addressed. If you have accumulated sleep debt, try to sleep an hour earlier or later for a few days, and you will feel adequately rested.