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The pandemic may not last forever, but it will have some long-lasting effects. With that in mind, many Americans, about two-thirds to be precise, are trying to improve themselves in readiness to get back to life as it was before COVID 19.

Personal improvements after the pandemic

According to a recent poll conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Vagaro, 64% of Americans want to look as good as they can. Another 68%, on the other hand, wants to be the best version of themselves both physically and mentally when COVID 19 ends.

A vast majority(62%) of the 2000 respondents also believe that the pandemic will end by 2022.  More than half(51%) also feel that there’s no escaping the fact that 2020 was the most challenging year for everyone. A little less than half also say they’ve let themselves a little loose since the pandemic began.

Weight gain is one of the major areas that people feel that they’ve been a little reckless. 6 in every 10 participants say they’ve gained several pounds since the pandemic began. From the respondents, the average American has gained 17 pounds since the pandemic began.

Losing touch with family and friends and not using facial makeup are other ways that the respondents said they had let themselves loose while staying at home. An additional 51% admitted to reverting to old habits like excessive drinking, eating unhealthy food, smoking, and failing to groom themselves every day.

Mental health impact of the pandemic

Fred Helou, Vagaro CEO, says that the pandemic affected many people socially and emotionally, making it easy for them to fall back into old habits. He adds hope for an end to the pandemic soon, making this the best time to focus on personal goals and end unhealthy habits. Less than half of the respondents say they are in a better emotional and mental space one year after COVID was declared a global pandemic in March 2020.