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Vaping has grown in popularity in recent times with vape manufacturers touting it to be better and safer than smoking. It quickly became a way of indulging in smoking without worrying about the effects of smoking but it turned out to be even worse.

There has been an increase in vaping related injury and illnesses and several people have started to sue vaping companies for the health problem. For people who have fallen ill because of vaping here is a guide on what you should do before filing a lawsuit to get compensation.

Establish eligibility

The first thing is to establish whether you are eligible to file the lawsuit and currently personal injury lawyers are taking cases against companies such as Juul but only some get accepted. Currently, the focus is on teenagers addicted to vaping and lawyers are filing suits on their behalf especially because of misunderstandings regarding risks and targeted marketing.

Eligible individuals have to demonstrate that someone they are filing the suit on behalf of has either serious addiction to vaping, nicotine poising, respiratory/lung failure, behavioral changes, mental health issues, seizures, or heart conditions such as cardiovascular disease.

Look for a vaping attorney

After establishing that one is eligible look for a vaping attorney and this will not be hard to find considering vaping lawsuits have become common. You can search online for attorneys willing to take on vaping suits. Alternatively, personal injury lawyers who handle cases to do with psychological or physical injuries due to the negligence of a third party can be of help.

Document evidence

Gather all evidence and information to support your case by consulting the attorneys who will advise on the best way to proceed. As you seek professional advice it is important to start documenting information and evidence supporting your case because this will determine the merit of your case.Some of the information to gather includes receipts for purchases of vaping products, billing-related to purchase of vaping products, medical records, and others. From here your attorney will advise on how to progress with the lawsuit.